Kitten Kindergarten

Yes, it’s as cute as it sounds.

Kitten Kindergarten is a 5-session program that helps your kitten grow into a happy, confident cat.

Packed with the best well-being, training, and behaviour tips from experienced cat trainer, Tori Schlosser, and veterinarian, Dr. Fran Walker, Kitten Kindergarten will show you how to build a strong relationship with your kitten while giving them an opportunity to interact with new feline friends in a fun environment.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Compassionately care for your kitten
  • Understand and interpret your kitten’s actions
  • Acclimate your kitten to new activities
  • Teach your kitten new tricks through clicker training
  • Create a loving bond between you and your kitty that will last a lifetime

Program Details

Who Kitten Kindergarten is For

Kittens under 1 year of age and at least one cat guardian over the age of 18.


Lakewood Animal Hospital
1151 Lakewood Ct
Regina, SK
Virtual “Sit-In” options available

Time and Date

Upcoming March & April 2023
Kittens attend with their kitty parents weeks 2 to 5

Registration Fee

In-Person - $100 per household
Virtual "Sit-In" - $80 per household
(GST not included)