Helping Cats and Their People Live Their Best Lives Together

Who are we?

We are a unique, one and only, cat behaviour consulting and training business located in Regina, Saskatchewan, and thanks to the virtual world we have been able to help kitties and their families from all around North America!

What do we do?

Our goal is to help cat guardians, like yourself, solve your cat’s concerning behaviours while also helping you understand and appreciate your kitty’s quirks. We strive to rebuild and strengthen your relationship with your cat so you can both live your best lives together.

Our primary focus is our behaviour consultations, where we and cat guardians work as a team to help transform their cat's undesirable behaviours into positive and fulfilling ones. Additionally, we offer clicker training sessions for cats, aiming to boost confidence, enhance bonding, and add everyday fun to both your and your kitty's lives.

How do we do it?

We begin by delving into the innate instincts behind your cat's behaviors, understanding the "why" together. We then introduce fear-free and positive-reinforcement behavior modification techniques, coupled with environmental enrichment and clicker training to restore harmony to your home and foster a positive environment for your kitty.