Welcome to Purrsuasion Cat Behaviour Consulting and Training!

We are a unique, one and only, cat behaviour consulting and training business located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

What do we do?

Our goal is to help cat owners, like yourself, solve your cat’s most aggravating behaviours while also helping you understand and appreciate your kitty’s quirks. We strive to rebuild and strengthen your relationship with your cat so you can both live your best lives together.

We also teach in-home, remote, and in-class cat trick training.

Adding a new pet or person to a cat’s home or bringing a cat into a home that belongs to a dog or human already? We can help make that big step a success as well!

How do we do it?

We use completely humane and modern training techniques along with environment enrichment for your cat.

With trick training, we teach you how to train using a clicker and methods like capturing and luring.

Our Behaviour Consultant and Cat Trainer.

Tori Boucher-Hodel

Animal Behaviour College Certified Cat Trainer (ABCCT)

Tori is the owner and trainer of Purrsuasion. She was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and has been around cats since before she can remember. Tori grew up wanting to be a veterinarian but after a career show in her grade 12 year, she decided that that wasn’t quite for her.  She attended university for a year and a half but over that time she realized her heart wasn’t in it and finally decided to follow her passion instead. With Jackson Galaxy as her inspiration she started building Purrsuasion in 2016 and also started helping cat parents with their questions and cat problems. She finished and received her cat training certification from Animal Behaviour College in April of 2018 and has continued to build her business with that experience under her belt. Tori also volunteers with Regina Cat Rescue where she feeds Regina’s feral cat communities, transports foster cats to vet visits and other destinations, and spends time grooming and playing with the cats that are awaiting adoption at local Pet Smarts.