Tori really helped with my cat’s anxiety issues. We only did one session via Zoom and then she e-mailed me a plan to use for my cat. It worked great and since then, she has been checking in on our progress periodically. Highly recommend!

–October 28th, 2020


Tori is so knowledgeable about allll things cats. My cat was having trouble using the litter box after some health issues, and he was peeing around the house outside his box. I had a Skype meeting with Tori due to covid, and it was just as helpful as it would have been in person. She also sent me a detailed write up of all the suggestions she had made for reference. We haven’t had any accidents since I implemented a few of her solutions! Finding cat pee around the house can be extremely frustrating, but I was so happy we could resolve the issue by getting to the root cause, understanding why it was happening, and making changes that made sense to a cat to make him more comfortable! Highly recommend talking to Tori with your cat concerns!

–September20th, 2020


Tori showed that she really cared about our fuzzy friends by going above and beyond researching helpful pointers to help us get going in the right direction. We have a long way to go but I feel like we have a good start and she made sure to get back to us asap and always made us feel she will continue to help in the future if need be! Very friendly and helpful! Helped to not only explain what to do but why we are doing the things we need to do!

–June 18th, 2020


What a wonderful resource Tori has been! From the time my part feral was a wee kitty Tori has given me useful and sensible advice, and achievable goals, about how to deal with this bundle of snarky energy.

From keeping Ketsl’s emotional and physical needs met and beyond to overcoming the aftermath of a traumatic experience Tori has been our trustworthy go-to. She’s knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and helpful.

We couldn’t ask for more out of a trainer or behaviorist. If you need help with a cat, or even just want to enhance your cat’s life, you have to work with Tori. You and your cat will be so happy you did!

–April 11th, 2020


Tori was helpful and resourceful.
Our new cat is so full of energy and Tori gave us lots of suggestions on toys, games and daily routine that can help our cat to get her energy out. Our cat still runs around like crazy but at least she stays away from my plants and book shelves now!

–April 10th, 2020


We tackled some excessive nighttime activity for my one cat that kept me and my other cat up all night. With Tori’s help, the 3 of us sleep all night!

–March 10th, 2020


Tori helped us with our youngest cat, Gordy, who was constantly chasing and attacking our older (very small) cat, Nala. She came to our home and explained ways that we could change it to help the cats live more harmoniously-escape routes for Nala, eliminating dead ends, etc. She also explained the benefits of play for each cat in the home and we have established a new routine in which we play with each one every night. This has helped Gordy get his energy out and has cut down on his random attacks. As a bonus, it has helped our chunky cat, Safari, lose some weight! Gordy still is not a perfect angel but I love that she helped us understand that he was not trying to be mean by chasing Nala, he was just showing us that he had too much energy and didn’t know what to do with it. We also have an even better bond with our 3 cats than ever due to our established playtime each day.


–March 8th, 2020


Tori has helped me understand more about the kitties in my life, and make sure I can supply them what they need! From advice on supplies, exactly how and why to play with the cats, and even super fun things like showing me how to clicker train a cat! Tori is such a great support and a wealth of knowledge, plus a fantastic and lovely lady.

–January, 21st, 2020


Tori was extremely helpful and took the time to get a complete understanding of the issues facing our kitty, Mittens.  Mittens was a rescue cat with an overall friendly and pleasant disposition, he just energy and behavioral issues that we didn’t know how to stop.  Mittens loves to eat and play however, when he wasn’t getting enough food or wanted attention he became “hangry”.  This resulted in biting, using the carpet as a litter box, and waking us up at 3:00 a.m.  As Mittens is a fairly large plump kitty we were trying to manage his weight and we had also put him on calming medication to assist with the problem.  The medication was helping somewhat but the unwanted behaviors were  still occurring.  We were not sure if they behaviors could be fixed o and we were not sure what to do anymore.  We had started to feed the kitty more food which help somewhat  as well kept him on the medication but the biting was out of control.  I had noticed Tori’s card at the groomers and thought “what the heck”, we had nothing to lose.  Since Tori’s consult in September 2019, Mittens has been a great cat.  She explained what things we were doing right and what things we were doing incorrectly to deal with the behavioral issues.  Her suggestions have made quite a difference …Mittens is still a plump kitty but he now is burning of his energy with new interactive toys instead of biting and is a very sweet loving cat. We joke that the cat whisperer came to us, but it has made a big difference to us.

–December 17th, 2019


On behalf of myself and my special fur baby, Uno, I would like to thank Tori for taking her time to go out of her way to help train Uno on doing some tricks. Uno has had a remarkably difficult life since she was adopted from the Humane Society, but her sweet and loving personality always shines through. Because she is so well behaved, we did not need to consult anyone for behavioural training.  We thought we would be fun to try trick training with Tori. With Tori’s wonderful guidance, and after some great (and entertaining) training sessions, Uno can now shake her paw, sit and lie down, especially when motivated by her treat. We are now trying to teach her to ring a bell for a treat using the same methods that Tori has taught us. It has brought our entire family endless fun and entertainment. And Uno of course continues to be the star, as she always is.
Thank you very much Tori, we are very happy that you are doing what you do, and I wish you all the best!! I highly, highly recommend Tori and Purrsuasion Cat Training! She is passionate about what she does and is doing great things for cats!
–November 6th, 2019


Tori was such a delight to consult with. She is very knowledgeable and gave us so many helpful hints and information that have proven very valuable in training our kitten, Luna. One thing in particular that I will mention is her tips on how to get Luna to let me brush her teeth. I had received tips from the vet on how to get her to cooperate but nothing worked. Then Tori came to the rescue and her suggestions worked perfectly. Thanks so much Tori for all your valuable help. I’m so glad we found you.

–November 1st, 2019


My new kitty Ollie is a special one. He is a little quirky and lacks a few basic instincts a cat would typically have, such as finding and using his litter box independently. Due to this as well as marking all over the house, I contacted Tori for help. She came into my home and assessed the environment, providing tips and tricks on the spot. She later sent me an extensive list of options/ resources to help enhance my cat’s scent around the home, as well as his comfort level/ enjoyment. Thanks to Tori’s help Ollie is now using his litter box like a pro, while still maintaining his quirky personality!

–October 19th, 2019


Tori was very helpful! My cat was a bit of a nightmare at all times but Tori gave me some simple techniques to implement into my cat’s daily life and a better routine for him and now the furball isn’t nearly as hostile and even enjoys cuddling sometimes. Thanks, Tori!

–October 18th,  2019

Melanie and James:

We contacted Tori to help us with one of our cats that had a very negative experience at a vet’s office and started urinating in many areas around the house.  As an indoor multi-cat rescue family, we have dealt with our share of issues this past 18 years, but were unable to correct this particular issue on our own.

When we met Tori, she had an fantastic demeanor and you could just tell she was in sync with the animals.  She had a structured approach and suggested a number of steps we could try to help change our cat’s behaviour.  What we appreciated the most, is that by having her to the home, she gave us great advice that had also been a huge benefit for our entire cat family, including better routines, structured playtime and litter box placement.

Although we are still working through some of the issues, we have seen a great improvement since we implemented her techniques.  The frequency of the “accidents” is far less than before and the cats in general just seem happier with their routines.  We know in time, things will resolve and we now have a good path forward to get there.

Tori does a great job following up and we feel she really cares about her work and helping others.  She has an incredible passion for cats and is such a genuine person who provides great advice you can use right away.  She is so friendly to talk to and just an all around nice person to work with. We would highly recommend Tori and her services for any cat owner!

Even if your cats are not exhibiting any issues, consider hiring her for a site visit to provide suggestions to improve the general structure of your cat’s day.  Trust us, it will help to keep your furry friends very happy in their home!


–October 10th, 2019


Our cat, Rudy, has a scenting problem. He constantly pees everywhere in our house, and every time we thought we had it cleaned, he would do it again. Tori came in and gave us very helpful advice and plenty of options that we would’ve never even thought of trying. She was friendly, honest, and always checked in to see how things were going afterwards. Thanks, Tori! 😊👍🏼

–July 2nd, 2019


We had our beloved Nala for 3 years before a baby came into the picture. We then started having issues with her peeing on items that were certainly not her litter box. In a desperate re-homing post on Facebook, we were led to Purrsuasion Cat Behaviour. She was fantastic at getting in to see us as soon as possible! She helped us determine that our poor girl was feeling insecure with her new home life & was having trouble adjusting to the changes. After following the advice she gave us, we’ve managed to work through Nala’s insecurities and didn’t have to re-home her!
I am soooooo thankful for all the advice we were given. I know without it I would have had to part with my fur-baby!

–May 2nd, 2019


We got our second cat Dot in August of 2017. It was a horrible 5 months of inappropriate urination and us trying to get her to stop. We had never had a single problem like this with our other cat. She was urinating on our bed, blankets, the couch, the bathmat, and sometimes just clothes that were laying on the floor. I finally asked Purrsuasion Cat Behavior Consulting and Training for some help. She gave me various methods and ideas to try to get her to her to use the litter box properly. It was a lot of trial and error and a long road, but little Dot is finally going to the bathroom properly. I can trust her to leave her out to roam the house while I am away and know she won’t be going on my couch! Cats are complicated creatures, they need way more enrichment and companionship in their lives than most people think. It’s great to have someone to help out along the way. The household is much happier with happy, well behaved cats.

–October 30th, 2018


I was struggling to reintroduce my 2 cats who after being together for 6 years couldn’t even be in the same room without bloodshed, hissing, spitting and screaming. I was at my wits end and was so frustrated emotionally I decided I needed to get help.

I found Tori on Facebook and boy am I glad I did! She was quick to respond and very flexible when setting up our get togethers. She went above and beyond for me and my cats. I could tell right away her love and passion for cats and helping them was something she was meant for.

She gave me so many tools and a great plan to help my kitties get back together!

I highly recommend Tori if you have any problems with your cat(s).

–October 15th, 2018


A huge thank you to Tori from Purrsuasion Cat Behaviour Consulting and Training for coming out to meet one of the foster cats in Regina Cat Rescue’s care that I’m working with. I have been around all kinds of cats in my lifetime and in one hour with Tori I learned so many valuable and interesting things about the fur babies I love so much. I would highly recommend anyone who has a cat issue to contact her for a consult. She was a pleasure to visit with, the cats thoroughly enjoyed her company and it was clear this young lady knows her stuff! We are so lucky to have our very own cat behaviourist right here in Regina.

–September 15th, 2018


She’s wonderful to talk to and get advice from. She’s definitely a cat mom. She knows what she is talking about.

–January 11th, 2018


I recently adopted a kitten but was very nervous due to a very bad experience I had with a previous kitten. I had many questions and she was very quick to respond to my message and very helpful! She made me feel at ease with my decision to adopt another kitten. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again.

–October 15th 2017