Making Road Trips Less Stressful For You and Your Kitty

Preparing for a road trip with your kitty causes of a lot of stress, for both of you. Getting your cat in to their carrier, the meows and yowls of your scared kitty, and the ball of guilt that will lie in your stomach is a recipe for feeling horribly anxious. While road trips with your cats may never be fun, there are many ways to make them as easy and painless as possible, here are some of those tips:

  • Have a few months before you have to head out? Start to take your cat for a short car ride as often as you can and then slowly make those trips longer and longer. The starting point is home and the destination is also home.
  • Leave the carrier in an area that your cat spends lots of time in for no less than two days before your trip, put a blanket and some treats in it to show her that it isn’t so scary.
  • You will also need to choose an appropriate carrier, it should be able to be buckled in securely and it should be an appropriate size (smaller carriers for shorter drives and larger carriers for longer drives). Extra bedding should be brought along in case of accidents so your kitty stays clean and comfortable.
  • Make sure your cat has updated identification (collars with ID tags and microchips) and have an up to date picture of her. You should also be sure that any hotels or lodgings you may be staying at are cat friendly.
  • Putting a harness and leash on your cat is always a good idea too because then if she tries to run off she will not be able to get too far. -Play with and then feed your kitty close to when you have to leave, this will naturally put her in a more relaxed mood.
  • Put some cat safe anti anxiety/calming drops in your cat’s food to keep stress levels at a low.
  • Cats should also be supplied water, food,and a litter box throughout the trip so you will need to bring along dishes and a box with litter.
  • Once you are travelling, remember that your cat should never be left alone in the car under any circumstances.