The Kitty Grudge Fallacy

I hear people explain their cat’s behaviour problem like “She started peeing on my boyfriend’s clothes when he moved in because she was upset about it” or “He jumps on the counters because he knows it makes me angry” all of the time, but these owners have it all wrong. Our cats don’t do things out of spite or to make us mad, they actually don’t even have the ability to think those thoughts like we do! There is always a whole other problem going on in our cat’s mind that may not make any sense to us, but it is still very real to them. For the problem with peeing on the newcomer’s clothes, your cat is most likely feeling some environmental stress and territorial insecurities, not hate for your boyfriend. The second problem with being on counter tops is most likely happening because you haven’t provided enough vertical space for your cat to climb on and explore, not because he likes it when you yell at him. When you’re facing a behaviour problem with your cat, try your best to remove yourself emotionally from the issue and think like a cat, you will be much more successful in solving the problem and you’ll even learn a few valuable lessons about your kitty!