Spray Bottle Blues

It breaks my heart knowing that many people still use spray bottles to punish their kitties when they’re breaking the rules. Spraying your cat with water every time she does something naughty only does two things; it teaches her that she can still do what she wants as long as you and the spray bottle aren’t around, and it also ruins the relationship between the two of you because she will begin to see you as a threat rather than a friend.

Spraying your cat is a horrible, bond breaking, fear inducing, and all around cruel technique. There are so many other methods that can be used to fix a bad behaviour that are 100% more effective than punishment. Praising your kitty for doing what is right with treats and pets, blocking her from being able to be naughty, giving her lots of mental stimulation, and playing with her daily are just a few behaviour modifiers that actually work all in tandem with each other by being fair, kind, and rewarding to all of her kitty needs.