Kitten Kindergarten

Kitten Kindergarten is the perfect class for you kitten parents who want to bond with your kitten, decrease the chance of behaviour problems in the future, and learn how to keep your kitten happy and healthy!

In kitten kindergarten, you will learn about general kitten care, how to understand your cat, how to enrich their life, and even how to train them to do tricks!  

Kitten kindergarten will be a five week program offered on Tuesday evenings that will be taught by our ABC Certified Cat Trainer, Tori, and Lakewood Animal Hospital’s Dr. Walker.

Classes will be held at the Lakewood Animal Hospital 1151 Lakewood Court North Regina, Sask.

Dates: November 12, November 19, November 26, December 3, December 10 all from 7pm to 8pm

Kittens should be between 6 weeks and 14 weeks of age on November 12. (If your cat does not fall into this age range, but you are interested in the class you are welcome to enroll. We ask, however, that you leave your cat at home as older cats and kittens are not typically open to interacting with other cats in a strange environment.)

We request that all kittens have had at least their first vet check up, and we strongly recommend current vaccinations.

Each kitten must be accompanied by at least one adult over the age of 18.

Cost is $110.00 (includes GST) per kitten.  A discount will be provided for multi-kitten families.

If you’re interested in starting your kitty off on the right paw and want to be part of Regina’s first ever Kitten Kindergarten, please contact us here!