To Scruff or Not To Scruff

When cats are kittens, their moms will pick them up by the loose skin at the back of their neck (their scruff) to carry them away from the trouble they were about to cause, this is called scruffing. Some owners will use scruffing as a way to restrain their cats or carry them around. This should NEVER be done by owners to cats or even kittens. Full grown cats are too heavy to be grabbed and carried by their scruff and if you weren’t trained on how to properly scruff you could really hurt your cat or kitten by trying it.

If you’re in a situation where you would normally scruff your cat to restrain or calm them, try blanket wrapping them instead, it is a much more effective and safe technique to use. If you need to, or want to, carry your kitty, they should always be carried with all four legs supported by your arms and held close to your chest with no body parts dangling.

While scruffing is a mother cat’s way to show love and protect her young kitten, it doesn’t go over well with us humans, luckily, we have many other safe and gentle ways to restrain, carry, love and protect our wonderful kitties so we never have to try to scruff!

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